Nexon Developer Conference 2014 Announces Impressive Roster of Attendees


Nexon Developer Conference 2014 (NDC) is drawing much attention from the game industry as the roster of its attendees become ever more impressive.

Nexon has announced on the 9th the roster of the attendees for the NDC 2014, which commences from the 27th to the 30th.  Some of the keynote speakers stand out among the others.  Many of the speakers are people who were once referred to as the ‘father’ of a certain field.

First, KAIST’s Professor Gil-Nam Kim, also known as the father of Korean internet, takes the stage as the keynote speaker.  Professor Kim is also the professor that taught many of today’s game industry leaders, such as Nexon’s Jungjoo Kim and XL Games’s Jaekyung Song.

Furthermore, Nexon’s director Jiwon Park and Nexon Japan’s director Owen Mahoney also take the stage as speakers under the topic of ‘Game Company CEO.’  Director Park has experience in leading Nexon Japan’s global business, and Owen Mahoney has acted as the VP of EA business development from 2000 to 2009 until his entry into Nexon in 2010.

On the 28th, XL Games’s CEO Jaekyung Song is planned to give a speech under the title ‘Checkpoint of MMORPG,’ NDoors’s director Taegon Kim is planned to give a speech titled ‘Making a mobile MMORPG,’ and PatiGames’s CEO Daehyung Lee is planned to give a speech titled ‘Challenges in the 7th Chinese Market.’

Also, CEO Yongjae Min of YJM Entertainment, the company behind Nexon’s <Fortress> <CartRider> <Malbinogi> <MapleStory>, is also planned to share his experience in the game industry under the title ‘Game Industry’s Past, Future, and the rest of the story.’

On the last day the 29th, Nexon’s VP Sangwon Jang (aka Mr. Dding) takes the stage under the title ‘Tactical Commanders, its beginning and end.’  Lastly CEO Hakgyu Kim of IMC Games, the company behind <Tree of Savior>, takes the stage under the title ‘Memoirs of my life as a developer.’

NDC 2014 has organized its topics as game design, programming, visual art & sound, production, business marketing, and company management.  The conference is to take place at the Pangyo Nexon Buildling and the public support center from the 27th to the 29th, and up to 104 detailed sessions are in plan.

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