Daum Separated Game Business as Independent Body


Daum Communication separated its game business in order to improve its operation and management. The announcement was made yesterday and the separation would be done by July 2014.

The game business will be in charge of mobile games and online games such as a MMORPG <Black Desert> which is currently under 2nd CBT. “The separation will allow us work more aggressively with better management and more responsibility,” said SungJoo Hong, director of Daum Game. ”

Daum had founded an independent subsidiary, Daum Game, last 2002 in purpose of starting gaming business but had suffered until it took over a publisher OnNet last December 2011. Then Daum has been working on <Planet Side 2>, <Winning Putt>, and <Black Desert>.

<Planet Side 2> just finished its first CBT last month while <Black Desert> is going through the second CBT today. <Winning Putt> is a CryEngine3 based golf game scheduled to be out within this year.

Daum Game has grown 30% every year from 2009 to 2011 through channeling business and has 3.5 million users of mainly males in 20s and 30s.


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