Sundaytoz Achieved $40M with Anipang 2


Sundaytoz achieved the biggest sales and profits ever in the first quarter of this year. Especially the profits exceeded whole profits made last year.

Sundaytoz announced today that its sales and profits for the first quarter are respectively $40M and $17M which are increased by 332% and 409% on a year-on-year basis, reaching profit rate 43.4%. The quarterly net profits was $14M which is increased by 375% on a year-on-year basis and 330% compared to last quarter(Q4 2013).


Sundaytoz’s rapid growth is led by its hit mobile game <Anipang> and latest game <Anipang 2>. Although <Anipang 2> was controversial over a plagiarism against <Candy Crush Saga>, Korean people loved the game regardless of the scandal. In April, <Anipang 2>’s MAU(Monthly Active Users) wrote 6.5M, taking the first place in the gaming category.

Meanwhile, Sundaytoz sold its 20% of shares to Smilegate in order to strengthen its competitiveness in a global market. Now it is getting ready to release <Anipang> series and its upcoming new game <Aqua Story> to the global market soon.


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