Crowd Funding Only for Games Launched


Crowd funding, a method of collecting investments from the general public through means of medium channels, is a well-known phenomenon overseas (e.g. Kickstarter) that brought about many successes, such as <Wasteland 2> and <Mighty Number 9>.  Services such as this has been receiving much attention due to the fact that it has proved to be a very effective method for the developers to fund their own games during the development stages.

While such market has grown to value up to $53 million in Korea, services exclusive for the gaming industry did not exist.  However, gaming oriented crowd funding service ‘Tenspoon’ launched on the 8th.  What is Tenspoon and what kind of gaming oriented services are there?

QLab held a press conference regarding Tenspoon at the Samsung-dong Park Hyatt Hotel on the 9th.  The press conference introduced the services of Tenspoon.



Tenspoon’s services, like those of other crowd funding sites, allow developers to fund their projects with the aid of the general public.  What separates Tenspoon from other similar service providers is its ‘Tenspoon Plus’ service that aids the game’s launching process, a product review service by Qlab, and their visibility when it comes to sharing the development progress with their investors.



‘Tenspoon Plus’ service cooperates with game publishers such as SK Broadband to aid not only game development, but publishing and launching process.  This service is directed towards startups that are struggling in developing their first game.



Also, Tenspoon has decided to share the progress of its games in response to the common feedback of crowd funding: ‘development plan is not being kept.’  Supporters will be able to confirm the progress of their games, express their opinions via the comment system, and developers will be able to converse with their supporters.



Lastly, utilizing the expertise of Qlab’s QA business, Tenspoon pre-reviews its games for the benefit of the supporters.  This review service is unique in that the reviews are not for the game’s content plans but for the results of prototypes.

Qlab’s CEO Lee Sang-Gi commented regarding the game reviews: “As Qlab’s main business is QA, the reviews will only be fair and accurate after a prototype has been released.  Because writing product reviews just prior to the launching may leave little room for the game to change, we have decided to begin our reviewing process during the project phase; so that it may give more room for creativity and originality for the developers.


Tenspoon aims to collect a total of $1.5 million in funding and release 30 successful games within this year.  On top of this, Tenspoon plans to progress their business so that it may be helpful in connecting startup developers and publishers with investors.

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