Who’s Best Game Babes?

Unlike other foreign games, Korean games often cast famous FEMALE entertainers as their promotional models. What’s important here is they are so beautiful that even non-gamers get tempted to play the games. I researched who became Game Babes(we rather call them Goddess in Korea) this year so far for you. (yes, really, for you.)

NHN’s MMORPG <EoS> chose MinKyung Kang, a member of female duo named Davichi, as <EoS> Girl. Terrific pick!




Girl’s Day and SoHee Song, a Korean classical singer, were on Nexon’s <Sudden Attack>. There were in-game Girl’s Day skin costume then.




<Dungeon & Fighter> released a very interesting promotional video starring IU and BongSun Shin, a female entertainer, last January. What’s fun here is that they awkwardly resemble each other. How much? See the pictures below and you tell us!


<Mabinogi: Heroes> casted Lady’s Code as a promotional model for its last massive winter update. They wore in-game costumes and dressed up as Lyn which was a new character coming soon then.



Not only online games but also mobile games did use this marketing model. Hanbitsoft worked with HaeRyung, an youngest member of a female group BESTie, for its mobile game <FC Manager Mobile 2014>. HaeRyung was in charge of not only promotional model but also in-game manager instructing how to play the game.




Last but not least, SoHee Yoon(<Three Kingdoms Dragon Pop>), Nine Muses(<Three Kingdoms PK>), and AOA(<Tigyuk-Tagyuk>) are also our Game Babes this year. XD20140304110936_652220140303163434_815120140303163127_9187


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