Blade & Soul reaches 1.5 million concurrent players in China

Tencent China has made an official announcement on the 10th that the popular MMORPG <Blade & Soul>’s highest concurrent users currently stands at 1.5 million players.

This announcement is the first official announcement made by Tencent China since the beginning of the game’s test phase that began in November 29th.

A testing-purposed game that launched with 1.2 million first day players, <Blade & Soul> currently has 220 live servers supporting the game and is in its stabilizing stage.

<Blade & Soul> had reached a high 11% of China’s PC café play rate, and sustained a stable 7% even after the cross events from <League of Legends>, <Cross Fire>, and <Dungeon & Fighter> had ended.  The fact that the rates were sustained even after the initial cross events show that <Blade & Soul> had successfully established its own player base.

Tencent also announced that <Blade & Soul> set a record among the Chinese MMORPGs.  The popular search engine Dubai reached a total of 1,063,738 <Blade & Soul> related searches, setting the record among video game searches, and there were over 40,000 articles written about <Blade & Soul> since its launch.

Tencent is working on perfecting the localization and is preparing various events in anticipation for the upcoming official launch.  Other than the preparation of game events, there will be an item sale event via its own mobile messenger application <WeChat>.



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