(Trailer) Maple Story 2 reveals a cinematic trailer

Nexon Korea Corporation has revealed a cinematic trailer for the MMORPG <Maple Story 2>, which has been in development by Nexon Corp. and NCSoft Interactive in collaboration.  Let’s take a look at the CG trailer.

The trailer depicts an epic battle between two characters.  According to the images and names posted in the game’s teaser page, the assassin-looking lady is called ‘Bella’ and she summons a gigantic monster called ‘Devlin’ towards the end of the trailer.

Announced last month as an official sequel to the original <Maple Story>, <Maple Story 2> is planned to be a full 3D MMORPG.  The setting of the game is set around the world before the events of <Maple Story>, and players will be able to see memorable monsters or backgrounds from the original.

The game is being developed by a Nexon-NCSoft collaborate organization ‘NSquare Development,’ and the first user test phase is planned to be in 2014.

According to Nexon’s CEO Seo-Min, “<Maple Story> and <Maple Story 2> have differences in their playstyles and players will be able to experience a brand new experience.  We (Nexon) consider the two to be very different products, and we plan to give our full support in operating both the original and the sequel.”





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