SmileGate sets up Cross Fire 2 development team

Translated by Jeff Lee from Kiyat Games (

A sequel to the popular FPS game <Cross Fire> officially undergoes development.

The development for <Cross Fire 2> began this past summer.  According to’s interview, <Cross Fire 2> is still in the process of setting up the development team and a specific concept or direction of development has not yet been decided.

However, employment notice on SmileGate Inc.’s webpage gives a hint on <Cross Fire 2>’s direction on development.  The job position requirement for the character modeling manager position stated “3D render creations of realistic military themed characters and monsters,” and the character concept artist position stated “photo-realistic color and quality.”

Taking these hints into consideration, the game seems to be heading towards a game that has realistic graphics, and the fights will not only be between humans but between monsters as well.

A representative from SmileGate said in a phone call with that “it is true that <Cross Fire 2>’s development is confirmed.  However, we are still in the process of recruiting team members and we cannot reveal any details of the game.  The job position requirements listed in our webpage are still just possibilities and they are not final.”

The original <Cross Fire> is a game that exceeded 4,000,000 concurrent users in China.  While the game came to a halt in Korea back in June 2012 after Neowiz Games terminated publishing the game, it is planned to continue service once again starting this month through SmileGate.


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