Gamevil’s CEO Song Byung-Jun, switches to Com2Us CEO seat

Translated by Jeff Lee from Kiyat Games (

Com2Us Co. CEO Park Ji-Young is leaving, and Gamevil Inc. CEO Song Byung-Jun is taking the seat as Com2Us’ new CEO.  With this, the past October’s $70 million deal that transferred 21% of Com2Us’ stocks is at last in its final stages.

Com2Us announced on the 4th that the upcoming stockholder’s meeting on the 19th will mainly be handling the establishment of Gamevil’s CEO Song Byung-Jun, VP Lee Yong-Guk, and VP Song Jae-Jun as Com2Us internal directors.  As long as there are no complications, Com2Us foresees Song Byun-Jun to take the seat as its new CEO and the current CEO Park Ji-Young to step down from the position.

A personnel from Com2Us commented that “Park Ji-Young will take leave for now and will use this time to ‘recharge.’” On Gamevil’s side, a personnel from the company has said that “when all matters are finalized at the stockholder’s meeting, Song Byun-Jun is expected to act as the CEO of both companies.”

This is one of the biggest changes to come to Com2Us since 1998, when Park Ji-Young and Lee Young-Il founded the company.  Many eyes are focused on the mobile game industry, interested in how it will be affected by this event called the “reform of the central gaming corporations.”


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