Regulations on Korean gaming industry, what do current developers have to say about it?

Translated by Jeff Lee from Kiyat Games (

Korea Games Development Association, “Public investigation initiated for game development regulation”

An investigation has begun, one purposed to research the opinions of the game developers of Korea regarding the recent regulations on the gaming industry.

The Korea Games Development Association (KGDA) and The Korea Association for Policy Studies (KAPS) have both announced their initiation of the “2013 Game Development Regulation Awareness Investigation” on October 18th.  Starting from October 21st to November 22nd, the survey will be taken via online forms by Korean game developers, and the survey contents will be created and managed by KAPS.

KAPS has announced their intention to gather the opinions of Korean game developers regarding the recent regulations put upon them, and to raise public awareness of the current situation.  The association’s worries are as follows: The recent regulations have not only brought upon negative public image of the industry, but the situation is also decreasing the workers’ morals, and will ultimately end with a significant downfall of the industry.

President Lee Seung-Hun of the association has said “In the case that the current negative image of the gaming industry is proven to be directly related to its downfall, we plan to take procedures in presenting our concerns on the outlook of the creative economy.”

Professor Kwan Hun-Young of KwangWoon University, who is in charge of the investigation has said: “This is the first time we have ever analyzed the industry’s effectiveness and employment via an emotional approach.  We plan to investigate the situation through a balanced and thorough survey.”

This isn’t the first time that Korean game developers have moved against such regulations.  The Korean Game Development Foundation, who is currently in midst of establishing a corporate body, has previously presented their discontent with the regulations put forth by Congressman Hwang Woo-Yuh on the 14th, criticizing his catch phrase “Regulations in the interest of children.”


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