Cosplay is not the main concern. Gaming becomes the focus of the National Assembly

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“Gaming is a content that needs to grow” VS “Show proper attitude rather than a show of cosplay”

In the National Assembly on the past 15th, Congressman Kwan-Suk Yoon of the Democratic Party showed a double-sided action by selecting gaming as the core industry of the new creative economy while putting forth a number of regulations.  Congresswoman Eun-Hee Kang of the Saenuri Party pinpointed the financial issues of the Korea’s Game Culture Foundation on this day as well.

On the past 17th, Congressman Woo-Taek Jung of the Saenuri Party targeted Congressman Won-Hyun Chun of the Democratic Party for his decision to cosplay as one of the characters from the popular PC game <League of Legends>, demanding proper attitude.  “Gaming is one of the Four Great Addictions that must be eradicated” is a front that both Congressman Woo-Yuh Hwang and Congressman Byung-Hun Chun are representing.

They say gaming is the core of the creative economy, but are putting regulations?

During the government office meeting of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST), Democratic Party’s Kwan-Suk Yoon has said: “Our President has promised to prosper the culture by nurturing the gaming industry, but other organizations such as the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family (MOGEF) have only been presenting regulations after regulations.

Minister Yoon has clarified his stance saying: “MOGEF has been imposing for funding for the curing of internet gaming addictions, and Ministry of Health and Affairs has been categorizing gaming as a disease.  Regulations for violent comics have been put forth in regards for the school violence issues previously in year 1997, but the incident had only resulted in increased public awareness of the comic industry; the result will be same now with the gaming industry.  All these different regulations should be unified by the MCST.”

President Park Geun-hye had promised to choose and nurture gaming as one of the “Five Killer Contents” of the creative economy, but the current reality is that various regulations and shutdowns in the gaming industry have become common.

Reduction in Korean Gaming Culture Foundation’s funds are worrisome

On the past 15th, Congresswoman Eun-Hee Kang of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports & Tourism criticized the government’s actions regarding the usage of the funding at the MCST meeting.

Congresswoman Kang of Saenuri Party put forth additionally researched data in order to fortify her stance.  When corporations donate funds to the Korean Gaming Culture Foundation, they agree to keep the uses of the funding limited to improving the society.  However, larger gaming corporations are now using the same pool of funding for multiple uses, improving their public image in multiple fields.

Kang asserted that the Korean Gaming Culture Foundation is decreasing in size as their funding are decreasing, and that there will be about $200,000 left by the end of this year, threatening the survival of the foundation.

Furthermore, Kang expressed her belief that the multiple plans that were being carried out by the MCST under the government funding, such as the gaming addiction prevention program, should be unified under the Korean Gaming Culture Foundation and that they will come to an agreement with the MCST.  She summarized her statements saying that “the government should take lead in these fields and that it must lead gaming businesses to participate in many of the government-run programs such as the addiction prevention programs.”

You can’t show proper respect if you cosplay games?

Congressman Woo-Taek Jung of Saenuri Party demanded proper respect from Congressman Byung-Hun Chun on the past 17th,  referring to Chun’s decision to cosplay as one of the characters from a popular PC game <League of Legends>.  Jung attacked and criticized Chun saying “I couldn’t help but become suspicious of the Democratic Party’s intentions and quality after seeing Chun’s decision to upload a picture of himself cosplaying as an online game character on his Twitter during the duration of the National Assembly.”

As the President of the Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA), Chun had promised to cosplay as one of the <League of Legends> characters if a Korean team had won the ‘<League of Legends> Season 3 World Championship.’  This was the reason behind Chun’s decision to upload a picture of himself dressed as the character Gragas from <League of Legends>.

2013’s Assembly has wrapped their fists around games as their main focus.  Congressman Hwang Woo-Yuh of Saenuri Party had included gaming addictions as one of the Four Great Addictions on the past 7th, and Congressman Chun Byung-Hun has been showing an optimistic front, giving many attempts at relieving the numerous regulations on gaming.

On a different note, MOGEF has chosen Oh Jin-ho of Riot Games and Shin Hyun-Taek of Korean Gaming Culture Foundation as their witnesses in the National Assembly.  MOGEF plans to ask their witnesses on the current actions that are being taken in regards to the gaming addiction prevention programs.


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