Archeage employee fights with a user

This week must be a horrible time for XL Games, the developer and publisher of Archeage.

A user who could not find how to do User Authentication for Archeage visited XL Games office to solve the issue. However, there have been arguments between a user and an employee. An employee from Human Resource team fought with the user while they are talking and insulted him. The user recorded all the conversation and uploaded it to a community. It soon went spread among several Archeage communities and became a huge issue.

They fought each other because the user showed violent actions because the employee did not willing to help him to solve the issue. However, most gamers from Archeage communities said it is XL Games fault because they cause the problem first and not treated a user as their customer when a user visit the office instead swear at him.

As a result, Jake Song, CEO of XL Games issued an apology and punished some employees. The employee who fought with the user is fired while some of his superiors at the team are suspended and received the salary cut. XL Games promised they will provide better customer service.

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