Archeage choose a hybrid payment method

People have been curious about which payment method would Archeage choose, Monthly Subscription or F2P, since OBT was started.

XLGames announced that Archeage will be serviced as a subscription based MMORPG with in-game item shop. Archeage has been developed as a subscription based MMORPG from the start. There have been only 2 MMORPGs choosing monthly subscription as a payment method since 2010 in Korea; Tera and Blade&Soul.

The monthly subscription fee for Archeage is 19,800 Won (About US$19) for 30 days and 47,500 WON (About US$45) for 90 days. It is similar to World of Warcraft and Aion.

Archeage is ranked #5 at Korean PC Bang rank. It is expected to be launched a commercial service around mid-January.

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