Smilegate, working directly with Tencent

Smilegate, the developer of Crossfire, joined user meeting in China with Tencent and without Neowiz Games.

It reflects that Smilegate has decided to say farewell to Neowiz and work directly with Tencent. The publishing contract with Neowiz for China will be expired at the summer of the next year. Crossfire set the new CCU record in China with over 400 million and turned over US$893 million in 2011 for China only.

Smilegate and Neowiz Games filed lawsuits against each other. Neowiz Games claimed they have the trademark right and Smilegate filed a lawsuit for reclaiming.

And Neowiz Games filed a lawsuit to prohibit Smilegate to publish the game to third companies without Neowiz Games because Neowiz Games also participated in developing the game. Neowiz claimed that they developed DB technology for the game solely Smilegate requested Neowiz Games to define the DB program in detail.

All injunctions both companies applied have been accepted to the court. We are all waiting for the decision from the court.


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