MOGEF strengthens Shutdown system

There is a growing controversy over the announcement from MOGEF(Ministry of Gender, Equality & Family) about Game evaluation detailed plan proposal.

This administration notice before going further into the legislation process is for evaluating games that are under shutdown system. MOGEF broke down the evaluation standards as well as rating scale.

According to its game evaluation chart, it is quite possible that all games, which are published in Korea, will be for the age 18 over including PC, consoles, tablet & smartphone games that are connected to the internet.

  • Games that has co-op mode with level system
  • Games that force people to keep playing because they are middle of doing quest with others
  • Games that give players feeling that they achieve something with others
  • Games that allow players getting more in-game money/items if they devote more time to a game
  • Games that allow players to exchange their in-game money to real money
  • Games that give players feeling that they rule the cyber world through mouse and keyboard
  • Games that give players feeling that they influence other people by becoming a powerful person within games
  • Games that allow people becoming better persons than the real world
  • Games that allow people to identity their possibilities
  • Games that cheer people competing with others

Most Korean game companies told that it is absurd because no games could be survived under clauses above. A person from Korean game industry said “I have a doubt that they play any games ever before. Each evaluation clauses are too subjective. All games could be branded as harmful contents in Korea”.

MOGEF told that each clause will be confirmed through the discussion among professionals and related people later.

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