KeSPA explains the reason not joining GSL Season 4

KeSPA announced their official stance on their decision that made yesterday – KeSPA pro-gamers won’t join GSL Season 4 Code A Qualifiers.

After the day of the vision declaration with GOM TV, KeSPA and Blizzard, KeSPA allowed their playes to join WCS, OSL, Cross Match on GOM TV, WCG, MLG Invitational. Those have been possible because KeSPA communicated with the host of each event over months to control the schedule.

KeSPA players will be presented at SC2 Proleague, OSL, WCG Korean representative qualifiers, WCS and MLG online matches, MLG final invitational. Their regular week schedule will be 4 days for Proleague, 2 days for OSL, 2days for MLG cross matches.

Therefore, KeSPA decided not to join GSL Season 4 because of their busy schedule.

About the future plan for joining GSL, KeSPA told “We don’t join GSL Season 5 because there has not been enough discussion prior to the event. If we discuss several issues prior to the event enough and if it could make some synergy with Proleague, we will join the future GSL.”

KeSPA told that if there were any requests to join the event domestically as well as internationally, they will give priority to their event schedule such as Proleague and other planned events.

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