Neowiz keeps discussing with EA for FIFA Online 2

The negotiation between Neowiz Games and EA for expanding FIFA Online 2 publishing contract is continuing regardless of EA announced Nexon as Korean publisher of FIFA Online 3 yesterday. A person from Neowiz Games said the communication keeps going and nothing is decided yet.

Since the contract is expired, EA and Neowiz Games expanding the contract monthly. FIFA Online 2 is the only sports game in Korea that broke 10 billion Won (US$ 8.87 million) revenue per month as a sports game.

It is up to EA now. Under the circumstance that publishers for FIFA Online 2 and 3 are different, people would like to know what decision EA will be made. The yearly FIFA Online 2 revenue is STILL up to US$88.7 million yearly.

The service of FIFA Online 2 will not be closed within a month or two because of EULA and other various issues including refunds.

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