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Cloud gaming service started in Korea

LGU+ started C-Games service from the 18th of July.

C-Games( is the cloud game service platform from LGU+. LGU+ is cooperating with Ubitus, a Taiwanese cloud game technology developer. LGU+ was held the press conference on the 18th of July at Grand Intercontinental hotel in Seoul and announced its plan for C-Games service.

Because LGU+ has the largest LTE network in Korea, they hope C-Games would be the service that could get benefits the most from it.

Korea Game Developer Association(KGDA) announced that they are going to participate in and cooperate with C-Games. They think C-Games is not the verified game platform yet, but its possibilities are enough to accept. KGDA will be held the Cloud Game forum on the upcoming August.

C-Games will support IE and LTE customers, Smart TV etc and provides various payment options. If you want to play Super Street fighter 4 for a day, you need to pay 300 Korean Won (about US $0.25) and 8,000 Korean Won (about US$7.00) for a month.

C-Games have a plan to support Google TV 2.0, other web browsers in 2013 and HTML5 in 2014.

CJ Hellovision, a cable TV operator, made a contract with Playcast from Israel to provide a cloud gaming service as well.

Making and distributing Bot programs is illegal

Constitutional Court reached a verdict that the prohibition of making & distribution of bot programs is constitutional.

The constitutional complaint started with prohibiting making & distributing bot programs or related hardware from July by reforming the promotion of the game industry act.

After the law goes into effect, CEO from a bot program making company files a constitutional appeal against it. Constitutional Court overruled the appeal with unanimity. The court made a decision that bot programs is not limited to tools that make game playing easier, but also ruin the system that is built very carefully. They could give damages to other players.

In addition, bot programs could cause damages to game companies as well as promote gambling since they used to use for real money trading.

The decision from Constitutional Court would be a reference to restrict using those programs and hardware. However, there still be a matter of debate because the decision is about prohibiting making & distributing bot programs and hardware, not about using them.

Arcade Games are also rated through a civil organization

KAIA (Korea Amusement Industry Association) is preparing for establishing Game Industry Institute because the right for Arcade game rating has been handed over to a private organization.

Unlike Mobile, PC, Online games could be rated through a private organization from July, Arcade games are rated by Game Rating Board only because there has been many illegal activities spotted such as illegal modification of arcade machines as well as an inclination to gabling.

MCST (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism) announced arcade games that are available to all could be rated through a private organization. Arcade games that are not available for youth could be rated only through Game Rating Board like before. The decision of KAIA could be translated as they prepare for the new Arcade games rating system.

MCST were held the public hearing event, which ended up badly because the government and the companies were failed to agree on the plan to transfer the right for rating Arcade games to a civil organization.

MCST will prepare for the detailed plan and select a civil organization.

DOTA2 for Asia is preparing

DOTA2 from Valve is preparing for the service in Asia. Perfect World announced that the publishing contract for DOTA2 service in China was done on the 10th of July.  Who will be DOTA2. Korean publisher? It is Nexon. Valve and Nexon have been in conversation over DOTA2 Korean service during the first half of the year. Nexon told that nothing is official because the contract is not made yet.

Nexon and Valve has been working together since they co-developed Counterstrike Online in 2007. Counterstrike Online is successful in China, Korea, and Taiwan. They announced Counterstrike Online 2 in February, 2012.

Nexon uses Source Engine to developed Vindictus and announced Dungeon&Fighter Online and Vindictus will be serviced through Steam as well.

Dispute over Crossfire trademark rights

Smilegate announces they sued Neowiz Games for returning of Crossfire trademark rights today. This action is about returning Crossfire trademark rights to Smilegate because Neowiz Games closed its domestic publishing service on the 11th of July.

Smilegate is carry forward publishing Crossfire in Korea by itself. However, they cannot use the title ‘Crossfire’ unless Neowiz Games returns the rights. This law suit could influence the its service in China because Neowiz Games has the trademark rights in China as well. Smilegate only has the rights for its DB. The publishing contract with Tencent will be expired at the next summer.

Crossfire is ranked #1 in China with 3.5 million CCU.