Security information was leaked for Dungeon&Fighter

A staff from Neople, the developer of Dungeon&Fighter, leaked the security technology of Dungeon&Fighter.

The key security technology for Dungeon&Fighter called ‘Hacktype’ could indicate bot programs and shut down accounts that are using bots. ‘Ms.A’ joined Neople in 2005 and has worked at the operating team since the launch of Dungeon&Fighter. Mr.B from a virtual item factory approached her through her brother in 2010 and asked her for the information of Hacktype. In return, he offered a good amount of money.

From April, 2010 to July, 2011, she provided various information of Harcktype and update schedule, log files for more than 10,000 accounts etc to him. Mr.B wired money to Ms.A 21 times. The total amount of money he wired is US$106,140. She spent the money to pay her debts and buy a car.

Neople asked the investigative agency to investigate the security issue because even though they update the security program several times, it was breached. Ms.A was asked for 1 year in prison and charged an additional fee of US$71,590. Her brother was asked for 10 months in prison and charged an additional fee of US$34,550.

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