Archeage released the first story teaser movie

XL Games revealed the story teaser movie and the poster prior to CBT5.

The first story teaser and the poster are about Orchidna, the bastard infant daughter of Kyprosa Daeiors uncle. Orchidna is the one of the first expedition team members as well as the key character to change the world of Archeage. In the teaser, Orchidna asked “Why so late?”. But we do not know whom she is talking to. XL Games will continue to release the story teaser movie in a series.

Registration for CBT5 will be closed on the 20th of August and announce the 1st result on the 10th and the 2nd result on the 22nd. The total of CBT5 members will be around 150,000. CBT members could play the game the day before the official CBT5 starting date at 500 PC Bangs.

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