Arcade Games are also rated through a civil organization

KAIA (Korea Amusement Industry Association) is preparing for establishing Game Industry Institute because the right for Arcade game rating has been handed over to a private organization.

Unlike Mobile, PC, Online games could be rated through a private organization from July, Arcade games are rated by Game Rating Board only because there has been many illegal activities spotted such as illegal modification of arcade machines as well as an inclination to gabling.

MCST (Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism) announced arcade games that are available to all could be rated through a private organization. Arcade games that are not available for youth could be rated only through Game Rating Board like before. The decision of KAIA could be translated as they prepare for the new Arcade games rating system.

MCST were held the public hearing event, which ended up badly because the government and the companies were failed to agree on the plan to transfer the right for rating Arcade games to a civil organization.

MCST will prepare for the detailed plan and select a civil organization.

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