DOTA2 for Asia is preparing

DOTA2 from Valve is preparing for the service in Asia. Perfect World announced that the publishing contract for DOTA2 service in China was done on the 10th of July.  Who will be DOTA2. Korean publisher? It is Nexon. Valve and Nexon have been in conversation over DOTA2 Korean service during the first half of the year. Nexon told that nothing is official because the contract is not made yet.

Nexon and Valve has been working together since they co-developed Counterstrike Online in 2007. Counterstrike Online is successful in China, Korea, and Taiwan. They announced Counterstrike Online 2 in February, 2012.

Nexon uses Source Engine to developed Vindictus and announced Dungeon&Fighter Online and Vindictus will be serviced through Steam as well.

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