Blueside keeps fighting against Eyedentity Games

Blueside will file a civil action against Eyedentity Games

Blueside announced that they regret that the result of prosecution’s investigation on the technology leakage issue has been ended up with not guilty. Previously, Blueside insists that their technology has been leaked to Shanda from Eyedentity Games. The police was under the investigation during the last couple of months that Eyedentity Games developed Dragonnest by using leaked technology from Blueside.

Blueside said that the investigation was focused on whether the program source is a business secret or not, which is separated from infringement of copyright issue. Because the police agreed that 2 former developers from Blueside developed Dragonnest by using Blueside’s game engine, they will file a civil action against Eyedentity Games soon.

Eyedentity Games also made an announcement against the statement from Blueside that if Blueside file an action, they will react legally as well and Dragonnest will not stop its service.

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