Technology leakage issue from N3 to Dragonnest

The Industrial technology leakages investigation team from local police investigated 2 developers of Eyedentity Games who previously worked for Blueside, a creater of Kingdom under fire series from November, 2011. They suffered discredit for developing Dragonnest by using Fametech game engine from Blueside.

Blueside insists that their technology has been leaked to Shanda, a major Chinese publisher, because their former employees developed Dragonnest by using their game engine technology. Eyedentity Games, a developer of Dragonnest, has been acquired by Shanda.

Police has found that 2 former Blueside developers used a part of programming codes from N3, a Xbox360 title, during the beginning stage of developing Dragonnest However, the prosecution decided they are not guilty as well as Eyedentify Games and admitted only the one of developers is responsible partially.

According to the prosecution, the developer kept a part of N3 materials at his home for working at home in 2006. He did not discard data after moving to Eyedentity Games. The prosecution imposed fines on him.
Blueside has sent an official document to Nexon, a Korean publisher of Dragonnest, to stop the service. However, Nexon will not stop the service because of the decision from the prosecution.

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