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The dispute over Crossfire trademark has just begun

The court accepted the request of injunction for prohibition of disposition from Smilegate against Neowiz Games.

According to this decision, Smilegate could protect tis right for Crossfire trademark and prohibit Neowiz to transfer or re-sell it. It was caused by Neowiz who has refused to return the right for the trademark after the publishing contract was expired.

Smilegate is satisfied with the court decision and keeps requesting their right on Crossfire trademark until it is finally backed to them through the court.

Photos from Chinajoy 2012

Chinese 2012 was held last week. So many Chinese online games was introduced to gamers. We have picked a few pictures from Chinajoy 2012. All of them were taken from foreign booths.

Chinajoy 2012 at Shanghai international Expo center

B2C Booth of Chinajoy 2012

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, with Soon-woo Park, CEO of The9 Korea at Planetside 2 booth

Planetside2 20vs20vs20 PvP booth

World of Warcraft: Mist of Pandaria booth

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm booth

Blizzard’s Panda folding fan was very popular

Security information was leaked for Dungeon&Fighter

A staff from Neople, the developer of Dungeon&Fighter, leaked the security technology of Dungeon&Fighter.

The key security technology for Dungeon&Fighter called ‘Hacktype’ could indicate bot programs and shut down accounts that are using bots. ‘Ms.A’ joined Neople in 2005 and has worked at the operating team since the launch of Dungeon&Fighter. Mr.B from a virtual item factory approached her through her brother in 2010 and asked her for the information of Hacktype. In return, he offered a good amount of money.

From April, 2010 to July, 2011, she provided various information of Harcktype and update schedule, log files for more than 10,000 accounts etc to him. Mr.B wired money to Ms.A 21 times. The total amount of money he wired is US$106,140. She spent the money to pay her debts and buy a car.

Neople asked the investigative agency to investigate the security issue because even though they update the security program several times, it was breached. Ms.A was asked for 1 year in prison and charged an additional fee of US$71,590. Her brother was asked for 10 months in prison and charged an additional fee of US$34,550.

Archeage released the first story teaser movie

XL Games revealed the story teaser movie and the poster prior to CBT5.

The first story teaser and the poster are about Orchidna, the bastard infant daughter of Kyprosa Daeiors uncle. Orchidna is the one of the first expedition team members as well as the key character to change the world of Archeage. In the teaser, Orchidna asked “Why so late?”. But we do not know whom she is talking to. XL Games will continue to release the story teaser movie in a series.

Registration for CBT5 will be closed on the 20th of August and announce the 1st result on the 10th and the 2nd result on the 22nd. The total of CBT5 members will be around 150,000. CBT members could play the game the day before the official CBT5 starting date at 500 PC Bangs.

Doobic co-developing Shadow Company with Valhalla

Doobic Game Studio cooperated with Valhalla Game Studio to establish a joint-venture company called VALHALLA&DOOBIC. Itagaki Tomonobu, previously worked for Tecmo Team Ninja, is working for Valhalla Game Studio. He was the executive producer of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series.

Both companies will co-develop games based on IP they have. The first co-project is ‘Devil’s Third’ for PC online, which is a US$44 million project. It is a stylish action FPS game revealed at E3 2010. The second co-project is a console version of FPS game called ‘Shadow Company’.

Shadow Company will be published through CJ Netmarble for Korea and Nexon for Japan, North America and Europe.