Riot Games Asia donates $432,900 for preserving Korean cultural heritages.

Riot Games Asia made an agreement to support $432,900 for preserving the cultural assets from kings’ family with Cultural Heritages Administration in Korea. In addition, the company will cooperate educating youth about cultural heritages.

Riot Games Asia promised that they will return a part of League of Legends revenue to the society when they launched the game on the last September. $432,900 is from the revenue of selling Ahri for 6 months with an additional donation.

The donation will be used for the preservation works of cultural heritages and improving facilities at the national old palace museum.

Mr.Chan Kim from Cultural Heritages Administration said “Games are the industry of cultural contents. I think the base of cultural contents is cultural heritages and the history from time immemorial. I believe Riot Games Asia will be doing great because they understand it well.

Riot Games Asia told that they will keep preparing plans for returning something to the society in Korea.

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