Blade&Soul tops the PC Bang ranking chart

Blade&Soul from NCSoft tops the PC Bang ranking chart in Korea and made Diablo3 stepped down to #2. Blade&Soul is occupied 20.35% while Diablo3 is 17.74%, League of Legends 14.03%. This is the first time Diablo3 is below 20% during the last 5 weeks.

What made Blade&Soul as #1 in the chart is that it was a weekend with no server maintenances. NCSoft was promoting the game at PC Bang with a huge event during the weekend as well. CCU records for Blade&Soul already broke 240,000 with 32 servers.

On the other hand, Diablo3 patch 1.0.3 made fans hugely disappointed in Korea. It made Diablo3’s PC Bang occupation rate below 20%.

However, the commercialization of Blade&Soul could be the one of variables. NCSoft announced that it will start the commercialization service from 30th of June with 23,000 Korean Won (about US$19.81) monthly fee. The monthly fee is 3,200 Korean(About US$2.76) Won higher than World of Warcraft in Korea.

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