Blade&Soul OBT records 150000 CCU within an hour

Blade&Soul OBT started PM 4:00 on the 21st of June. The game records 150,000 CCU within an hour and increased the number of servers from 2 to 25. NCSoft has prepared the total of 30 servers for its OBT. Servers were stable and pleasant unlike Diablo3.

According to Gametrics who provides various data from PC-Bang in Korea, Blade&Soul is ranked #3 followed by Diablo3 and League of Legends (LOL). The rate of PC-Bang occupation was 9.61% while Diablo3’s was 22.14% and LOL was 16.06%.

LOL PC-Bang occupation rate seems not affected by Blade&Soul OBT because the genre is different.
NCSoft spent US$ 432,000 on Blade&Soul for 6 years.

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