Nowhere for experienced developers in Korea

Experienced developers have no places to go while developing companies have been suffered for recruiting developers.

7 year experienced developer Mr.A was a main developer for major Korean online game developing company. But his project was canceled recently and he has been advised to resign. He is agonizing seriously under his circumstances.

In the past, he was relocated to a new project team even if his project is cancelled. However, a company asked him to resign this time. He could reject to resign, but he has to work for what he does not want. Thinking about changing jobs, most companies that he wanted to work have been merged to bigger companies.

On the other hand, from developing companies’ point of view, they have a whole different story. Even though the number of available developers has been increased, they cannot recruit them easily because of their high annual salary.

Mr.A’s fancy career became an obstacle to find a new job. He was a deputy head of department and his annual salary is over US$100,000. However, only few companies could offer that salary in Korea.

As a small developing company, Mr.A is an excellent human resource indeed. However, the company prefers hiring 2~3 developers for Mr.A’s annual salary.
Most Korean major online game companies have no plan to hiring more developers because they are carrying out a reshuffle. Neowiz Games reorganized developing department this year. NCSoft is plan to layoff at least 200 to maximum 800.

Companies who could accept them are limited; Wemade, Actozsoft, Eyedentity Games, Smilegate etc. However these companies focus on developing smartphone games recently and have no plan for major hiring.

Chinese companies are trying to recruit them with offering high annual salary, house and benefits. However, working at Chinese companies cannot guarantee 2 to 3 years later. In addition, an entire family has to move.

According to a human resources director at a developing company in Seoul, he is receiving 100 resumes within a month. While they plan to recruit only 10, most resumes are from 5 to 6 year experienced developers. He said “We need developers who could do all dirty works, not management people.”

Mr.A’s problem is not his own because he has 6 people who have worked with him. If there were no companies could accept them all, he thinks it would be much better to establish one. Especially considering the recent trend that is moving from developing MMORPG to smartphone games, he does not need major financial supports and possibilities are wide opened.

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