Tension growing over CrossFire

Smilegate reacted strongly against the announcement from Neowwiz regarding CrossFire publishing yesterday. Smilegate is considering communicating with local publishers directly to extend the publishing contract.

Smilegate criticized Neowiz’s announcement yesterday regarding the close of CrossFire publishing service in Korea because Neowiz has never discussed it with Smilegate. In addition, Smilegate told that the announcement from Neowiz contains some false information as well. Neowiz announced that they have rights for the game DB and the trademark.

Smilegate also announced that they will work with local publishers directly to provide stable service and communicate with local publishers for extending the publishing contract.
Because the publishing contract of CrossFire Chinese service with Tencent will be expired the next summer, this act from Smilegate created a huge impact in Korea already. CrossFire is ranked #1 in China with more than 3.5 million CCU. The game turned over $859.5 million from China only last year.

After Smilegate makes the announcement, the stock price for Neowiz Games dropped more than 8%.

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