MCST takes administrative guidance action to Blizzard Korea

MCST(Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism) takes administrative guidance action to Blizzard Korea for the Diablo3 server issue. MCST send the administrative guidance that recommend to apology to Diablo3 gamers and solve server issue as early as possible by increasing servers to Blizzard Korea.

Diablo3’s Asian server has been suffered from Log-in issue frequently since it is launched and Roll-back issue that data is not saved on the servers correctly during the last weekend.

This is the first time MCST taking actions on a game company. Administrative guidance is a measure for the issue that is not illegal but should not be happened. Therefore, it does not have legal forces.

This action from MCST is not related to the investigation from Fair Trade Commission. Fair Trade Commission sent a team to Blizzard Korea on the 29th of May to investigate their refund policy. Players who could not play Diablo3 because of the server issue filed 500~600 civil complaints per week to Fair Trade Commission and requested refund the game.

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