CrossFire service for Korea will be closed in July

Neowiz Games announced that they will close ‘CrossFire’ service in Korea on the 11th of July. Neowiz Games has published Crossfire since July, 2007. Online FPS ‘Crossfire’ is developed by Smilegate and broke the record of 3.5million CCU in China.

The reasons for closing are the expiration of publishing contract, and poor financial performance in Korea. As Neowiz Games gave up extending the publishing contract, Smilegate wants to keep publishing the game in Korea by itself. However, they need to solve the puzzles with Neowiz Games first because Neowiz Games has rights for Crossfire game DB and global trademark. Smilegate cannot use ‘Crossfire’ as the game title in Korea unless Neowiz Games agree with.

Neowiz Games told that the service for China is a separated issue from domestic service. The CrossFire publishing contract for China with Neowiz Games will be expired next summer. However, Neowiz Games expects that they have no problem with extending the publishing contract for china because they have rights for game DB and global trademark.

Smilegate has a brother company called SGinternet, a developer of DK Online.

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