NCSoft will compete in the global market with Nexon

Taek Jin Kim expresses his stance related to dispose of stocks by e-mail to the employees.

According to NCSoft on the 11th of June, he said “Our dream to make NCSoft with the full of challenging have not been changed. The news on Friday was all about we are making a friend who walks with us.”

In addition, he said “We have our own color while Nexon has their own. We plan to have an adventure to overcome global competition by making harmony with Strengths from both of us. We will focus on targeting global market together.

Nexon Japan bought a 804.5 billion won($685 million) stake in NCSoft Corp. to become the company’s biggest shareholder on the 8th of June. Taek Jin Kim’s share rate lowered from 24.69% to 9.9%. He will stay as CEO of NCSoft regardless of the stock investment.

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