Wemade reveals Dragon at E3

Wemade Entertainment was the only Korean online game company attending E3 2012. The company presented several mobile games, not PC based online games. The booth was located next to GREE, but spectators spent much more time at Wemade booth because mobile games from GREE do not provide online features as much as Wemade’s games do.

Mobile games from Wemade separated their games from others with online features, real time VS mode, and graphic quality that could match up with PC games.

The U.S. office has 8 staffs of total and is focusing on mobile game business overall. The game that people love the most was ‘Project Dragon’ at E3. ‘Project Dragon’ is a Diablo style action game that running on your smartphone and tablet.

Wemade Entertainment will release 7 mobile games within this year except Project Dragon.

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