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‘Selection system of game available period’ is applied.

MCST(Ministry of culture, Sports and Tourism) conducts new anti-game addiction system called ‘Selection system of game available period’ from the 1st of July.

It is the system that restricts the youth from playing game during the time that a legal representative requests. It was previously called ‘Selective shutdown system’. Because of the world ‘shutdown’, they have changed name as ‘Selection system of game available period’.

Once the system is conducted, the youth under the age of 18 and his/her parents as a legal representative could set the game available period. If the time that parents want is collapsed with the period that a youth wants, the period selected by parents becomes priority.

The system will be applied to 101 online games such as League of Legends, Aion, Sudden Attack, Starcraft2 etc. In addition, 14 companies that revenue is over $27 million and the number of employees are over 300 are applied by the law as well such as Nexon, NHN etc.

‘Selection system of game available period’ and ‘Forced shutdown system’ has different time and age to restrict. ‘Forced shutdown system’ is the system that prevents the youth under 16 playing games from midnight to 6:00 AM.

‘Selection system of game available period’ restricted the youth under 18 only during a selected period. For example, the youth could play games from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, if his/her parents restrict playing games during that time, he could not play the games.

However, console games and completely free games are not applied by the law. <Diablo3> <Blade&soul> are not applied by this law because both are already allowed only to people who is over 18 and a parent could check whether their children playing games or not through the web site (


Archeage recruits 5th CBT testers from Korea and China

Tencent, Chinese publisher of Archeage, announced that they will hold an event, which selects testers for the Archeage 5th CBT. Jake Song announced that Chinese users could join 5th CBT for Korea as well at Tencent press conference on the last March.

XL Games will prepare the client software that supports multi-languages for the 5th CBT and receive feedbacks globally.

XL Games is recruiting testers for the 5th CBT in Korea as well. However, the schedule for the test has not been confirmed.


Riot Games Asia donates $432,900 for preserving Korean cultural heritages.

Riot Games Asia made an agreement to support $432,900 for preserving the cultural assets from kings’ family with Cultural Heritages Administration in Korea. In addition, the company will cooperate educating youth about cultural heritages.

Riot Games Asia promised that they will return a part of League of Legends revenue to the society when they launched the game on the last September. $432,900 is from the revenue of selling Ahri for 6 months with an additional donation.

The donation will be used for the preservation works of cultural heritages and improving facilities at the national old palace museum.

Mr.Chan Kim from Cultural Heritages Administration said “Games are the industry of cultural contents. I think the base of cultural contents is cultural heritages and the history from time immemorial. I believe Riot Games Asia will be doing great because they understand it well.

Riot Games Asia told that they will keep preparing plans for returning something to the society in Korea.

Blade&Soul tops the PC Bang ranking chart

Blade&Soul from NCSoft tops the PC Bang ranking chart in Korea and made Diablo3 stepped down to #2. Blade&Soul is occupied 20.35% while Diablo3 is 17.74%, League of Legends 14.03%. This is the first time Diablo3 is below 20% during the last 5 weeks.

What made Blade&Soul as #1 in the chart is that it was a weekend with no server maintenances. NCSoft was promoting the game at PC Bang with a huge event during the weekend as well. CCU records for Blade&Soul already broke 240,000 with 32 servers.

On the other hand, Diablo3 patch 1.0.3 made fans hugely disappointed in Korea. It made Diablo3’s PC Bang occupation rate below 20%.

However, the commercialization of Blade&Soul could be the one of variables. NCSoft announced that it will start the commercialization service from 30th of June with 23,000 Korean Won (about US$19.81) monthly fee. The monthly fee is 3,200 Korean(About US$2.76) Won higher than World of Warcraft in Korea.

Blade&Soul OBT records 150000 CCU within an hour

Blade&Soul OBT started PM 4:00 on the 21st of June. The game records 150,000 CCU within an hour and increased the number of servers from 2 to 25. NCSoft has prepared the total of 30 servers for its OBT. Servers were stable and pleasant unlike Diablo3.

According to Gametrics who provides various data from PC-Bang in Korea, Blade&Soul is ranked #3 followed by Diablo3 and League of Legends (LOL). The rate of PC-Bang occupation was 9.61% while Diablo3’s was 22.14% and LOL was 16.06%.

LOL PC-Bang occupation rate seems not affected by Blade&Soul OBT because the genre is different.
NCSoft spent US$ 432,000 on Blade&Soul for 6 years.