How long will Diablo3 fever go?

Diablo3 fever hits Korea high since launching. The question is how long it will be? We asked it to 230 industry people. They consist of developers and business men.
About 90% of the participants answer that Diablo3 is succeeded beyond their prediction. Business people surprised 6.6% more than developers.

The result of Diablo3’s success was expected or more than expected, 89.5%

About how long Diablo3 fever will go, 30% predicted that it will go until June while 17% answers until the next year. Business people predicted it will be getting cold any time soon, while developers predicted it will go until the summer vacation. Participants who did not play Diablo3 predicted more that it won’t last long than participants who play it.

Could Diablo3 keep providing new contents often?

More than the half of participants chose the lack of contents as the main reason people will quit to play Diablo3 because it is a package game not an online game.

After Diablo3 fever becomes stable at PC Bang, 41.8% participants predicted PC Bang occupying rate of Diablo3 will be over 16%, which could be #1 at PC Bang. 18.7% answers it will be between 11~15%, which could be top5 at PC Bang.

PC Bang owners & Item trade sites is also happy with Diablo3’s success

Beside Blizzard, who is getting most benefits from Diablo3’s success? 41.2% of the total participants answer PC Bang owners. 35.2% Developers answer item trade sites, while 29.4% business men agreed.

PC Bang occupying rate for LOL is down from 20% to 11% because of Diablo3

Then who is getting most damages from Diablo3’s success? Participants chose League of Legends overwhelmingly and the next is Aion.

Who might be the crises for Diablo3’s continuing success? While 49.6% answer it won’t affected by external factors, 26.5% chose Blade&Soul OBT in June.

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