PC Bang owners plan for suing Nexon

Owners of PC-Bang (Cybercafe) sue Nexon for making a loss by doing unfair corporate practices and one-man protest at the in front of Nexon Korea building and major political party buildings. They plan for damage claim suit near future as well. Nexon contradicts their argument.

The group of PC-Bang owners called Korea Internet Cultural Content Cooperation reports Nexon’s unfair corporate practices to Fair Trade Commission on the 22nd of May.

The corporation insists that Nexon did not act properly for the issue that their games often keep charging even after games are shut down. In addition, Nexon is providing games as a PC-Bang package to PC-Bang, which unpopular games are included forcibly. They report that Nexon did not allow connecting their games from PC-Bang that does not buy their PC-Bang products as well. Most Nexon games are free to play at home, but only PC-Bang owners get charged in Korea.

Nexon Korea argues with each of their insistence. Nexon reports that there is almost no calculation errors happening now. Even if it is happened, Nexon immediately compensate it 3 times of the overcharged amount to PC-Bang.

About making PC-Bang to purchase the premium PC-Bang package, Nexon said “It is a part the company’s operating field. All issues from the cooperation have been told for a long time and nothing is new. We doubt any other purposes they might have by issuing them again now.”

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