Nexon becomes a largest shareholder of Gamania

Nexon is looking for Asian online game publishers to acquire. The company delivered acquisition proposal to P.T.Kreon, #1 publisher in Indonesia, last year.

The Recent news that Nexon acquires more than 30% shares of Gamania, #1 publisher in Taiwan, and becomes the largest shareholder was shocked many people as well. Taiwan game industry was shocked because of it and worried about hostile takeover y Nexon. Gamania has built a long-term partnership with Nexon and published several online games such as Maple Story, Dungeon&Fighters, KartRider etc.

Nexon started having a cooperated relationship with Gamania from 2005 and acquired 10% shares from Gamania in 2007. Nexon has 34.6% of Gamania’s shares, which is more than the total sum of Gamania CEO Albert Ryu’s and its executives’ shares.

It is possible that the issue could be cleared at Gamania’s general meeting of stockholders in June. Since Nexon is listed on Japanese stock market, they become sensitive to keep growth and raise the profit rate.

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