Blade&Soul is expected to launch in July

NCsoft announced at the earning call on the 15th of May that there has not been any changes on the service schedule of Blade&Soul. NCsoft is working hard to have OBT during the first half of 2012 and predicting OBT in June and public service in July.

The 3rd CBT will be closed on the 22nd of May. With considering 3 weeks of OBT and public service on July, it is possible that OBT will start the middle of June.

NCsoft thinks of the launch of Diablo3 as a chance to increase a gaming user pool. The company will try to attract as many gamers as possible within the increased pool.

NCsoft has homework to do as well. The vitality system that was applied during the 3rd CBT period has made a huge controversy among users. The vitality system controls the experience points that users could gain along with playing time. The system is made for casual users. Therefore, complains from hardcore users are extreme now.

NCsoft is carefully looking at the vitality system during the 3rd CBT because they need to re-balance the system somehow before the public service. The goal of Blade&Soul is to attract as many casual gamers as possible, so NCsoft has made the game easy to play.


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