More than 2500 fanatics lined up for Diablo3

More than 1,000 Diablo series fanatics lined up at Wangsimni station even the day before the eve of Diablo3’s launching event. Fanatics who want to purchase Diablo3 collector’s edition kept increased over night and exceeded 2,500 in the morning. Fans stayed the whole night and kept the line in the rainy morning.

Blizzard Korea will hold the eve of Diablo3’s launching event tonight with several celebrities joining up. At the event, fans could purchase Diablo3 collector’s edition the day before it is launched and could have developer’s autographs on it.

Blizzard Korea did not expect that many people gathered at all and finally announced that fans who visit after 14th in the morning could not purchase the collector’s edition due to the shortage of it.

The collector’s edition could be purchased through online and several merchandise marts from the 15th of May as well. However, fans rushed to the eve event because the rumor told that the number would be very limited.


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