Maze The treasure hunters is revealed

‘Maze: The treasure hunters’ is revealed at ChangYou’s media press conference in Beijing.

Maze is a FPS based shooting RPG and sets up battles between Relic Chaser and Treasure Hunter. Relic Hunter is the secret group trying to use the power of ancient relics for its own purpose. Treasure Hunter is the one who would stop them. The purpose of the game is adventuring through ancient ruins all over the world and defeating ancient monster to acquire treasures.

Users would fight against ancient monsters as well as disassemble traps that protect treasures. To achieve goals, a user needs to cooperate with other users.

The weapons and classes in the game are familiar with most FPS game users. Classes would be categorized as Scouter, Assaulter, Sniper, Heavy Trooper. However, characters gain experience points after killing monsters and improve his/her skills just like you have experienced in RPG.

‘Maze: The treasure hunters’ is developed by Dream Execution, the creator of online FPS game ‘War Rock’.

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