Aggressive investment from Wemade toward Mobile games

Wemade Entertainment is held ‘2012 Line-up announcement showcase’ in Seoul on the 26th of April. At the event, the company reveals 8 brand new mobile games – Goblin Mobile, Fighters, Silkroad M, StarCity Mobile, Everyfarm2, Epic Island, Cafestoria Mobile, Braves.

Namgung Hun, CEO of Wemade, said “Some speculates that mobile devices will outperform video game consoles within 3 years, we agreed with it. Playing on hands does not mean the quality is behind PC games. We would rather show features for mobile devices that PC cannot present.”

New games from Wemade Entertainment could be categorized in 3 different fields – Social game, RTS game, Minigames. Wemade Entertainment has been increased cooperated companies. The company acquired Ngonsoft and co-developed games with Mobicle, Dbros. It also has the subsidiary company Wemade Creativel and is the share investor of the popular smartphone messenger KakaoTalk. The company acquires Fever Studio, Link Tomorrow, Liny Works on the 23rd of April as well.

Wemade Entertainment reveals its integrated SNS brand ‘We Social’. It does not have a separated platform, instead it will provide various services through KakaoTalk.

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