Eastern Fantasy MMORPG ASTA had the 1st CBT

ASTA had the 1st CBT and reveals test play movies. Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Asta was revealed at G-Star 2010 for the first time. The game is  developed by Polygon Games and published by NHN.

Players were divided by two forces ‘Asu’ and ‘Hwangchon’ and keep fight against gods who threaten the world. ASTA is the gate that connects to the world of gods. To open the gate, players must enter into Nirvana(leveling) first.

During the test, the game reveals three races of Asu – Yong/Ho/Human races. Asta will have more CBTs within this year.

The first impression is that the game resembles World of Warcraft from creating characters, intro movies, and most of processes.

The link : Movies from CBT

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