Game Rating will be decided by a Non Governmental Company

Game Rating Board announced how works have been went through to carry forward a non-governmental rating classification system at the 3rd press conference on the 16th of April.

Non-governmental rating classification system is a change from the existing game rating system among game law’s revised bill. The bill was passed the Assembly plenary session last year. According to the revised bill, game rating classification works transfer from Game Rating Board to a Non-Governmental Company from the 1st of July except adult rated games and Arcade games.

Game Rating Board told that they finished writing the guide manual for rating works and prepared to transfer their works to a Non-Governmental Company quickly. A Non-Governmental Company will be selected through strict rules of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Game Rating Board expects that the rating system will be more convenient and companies could get the result much quickly after the change. They will more focus on games for adult rating and Arcade games rating classification.

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