6th Nexon Developer Conference is near

6th Nexon Developer Conference(NDC) will be held at COEX, Seoul from the 23rd to 25th of April. NDC is originally designed for educating its staffs internally. However, it started to open its session to people from outside from the last year. As a result, the event became the huge event with more than 7,000 participants. Nexon decided to continue it this year as well.

Nexon could not show the result of the last year event numerically, but they surely get intangible advantages like self-respect as Nexon’s staffs, positive feedbacks from other companies’ developers, getting new knowledge while speakers are preparing for the materials etc.

Nexon will have 143 sessions for this year’s event, increased 20% from 117 sessions from the last year. They will open all sessions to the public except about 10 sessions. They also invited speakers from abroad – Kjartan Pierre Emilsson, Principle Game Designer from CCP, is one of them.

Nexon will have sessions about its own games such as Whiteday, Mabinogi Heroes(Vindictus), I have Romance with Three Kingdoms.

Nexon hopes the event could contribute to sharing information among developers.

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