Ragnarok Online, the 3rd publisher for China is announced

Gravity announced that they made a publishing contract for Ragnarok Online in China with Kunlun Tech Co.,LTD., on the 30th of March. The service will be re-launched on upcoming August.

Ragnarok Online started the service for China through Softworld from Taiwan in 2003. Shanda Games continued to publish the game from 2005 as well. Gravity hopes that gamers would get interested in the game one more time by changing publishers. Kunlun will launch various events including promotions for new comers by using their user pool. The game will add several new contents and provide better customer supports.

Ragnarok Online has been launched several different regions such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe, N-S America, Africa, Oceania and becomes the cornerstone of Korean online games. That is succeeded in abroad.

The total accumulated revenue from Ragnarok Online has exceeded $877 million. The maximum number of CCU recorded 780,000 in the worldwide and registered users exceed 5700million in worldwide.

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