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International e-Sports Federation for the disabled is established

After IeSMOD(International e-Sports Meets of the Disabled) 2011 World Championship, participants from all over the world felt sympathy for the needs of the vision for e-Sports for the disabled and discussed about the establishment of International federation.

During the event, participating nations such as Korea, USA, China, Germany, Poland, Indonesia etc signed on the establishment of International e-Sports Federation for the disabled and becoming a member. The total of 12 countries joined to the federation.

The federation received the permission for establishment from MCST(Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism) on the 28th of March, 2012 and finished its registration on 19th of April.

The federation will develop a business for promoting e-Sports for the disabled.

Aggressive investment from Wemade toward Mobile games

Wemade Entertainment is held ‘2012 Line-up announcement showcase’ in Seoul on the 26th of April. At the event, the company reveals 8 brand new mobile games – Goblin Mobile, Fighters, Silkroad M, StarCity Mobile, Everyfarm2, Epic Island, Cafestoria Mobile, Braves.

Namgung Hun, CEO of Wemade, said “Some speculates that mobile devices will outperform video game consoles within 3 years, we agreed with it. Playing on hands does not mean the quality is behind PC games. We would rather show features for mobile devices that PC cannot present.”

New games from Wemade Entertainment could be categorized in 3 different fields – Social game, RTS game, Minigames. Wemade Entertainment has been increased cooperated companies. The company acquired Ngonsoft and co-developed games with Mobicle, Dbros. It also has the subsidiary company Wemade Creativel and is the share investor of the popular smartphone messenger KakaoTalk. The company acquires Fever Studio, Link Tomorrow, Liny Works on the 23rd of April as well.

Wemade Entertainment reveals its integrated SNS brand ‘We Social’. It does not have a separated platform, instead it will provide various services through KakaoTalk.

Eastern Fantasy MMORPG ASTA had the 1st CBT

ASTA had the 1st CBT and reveals test play movies. Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Asta was revealed at G-Star 2010 for the first time. The game is  developed by Polygon Games and published by NHN.

Players were divided by two forces ‘Asu’ and ‘Hwangchon’ and keep fight against gods who threaten the world. ASTA is the gate that connects to the world of gods. To open the gate, players must enter into Nirvana(leveling) first.

During the test, the game reveals three races of Asu – Yong/Ho/Human races. Asta will have more CBTs within this year.

The first impression is that the game resembles World of Warcraft from creating characters, intro movies, and most of processes.

The link : Movies from CBT

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Wemade Entertainment acquires three SNG companies

Wemade Entertainment acquired 3 Social network Game companies – Fever Studio, a developer of Every Town, Every Farm, Link Tomorrow, a developer of Epic Story, Baseball Wars, Liny Works, a developer of Cafestoria.

In addition, the company cooperates with Dbros to convert Star City as a mobile game. Star City is Facebook game featuring various KPOP stars in the game. With Mobicle, the company co-develops a baseball game, tentatively named Project 2632.

Wemade Entertainment becomes a giant mobile game company by acquiring these companies with the total of 5 development teams.

Wemade Entertainment will release in-house developed 5 mobile games in 2012 and reveal its vision and un-announced projects on the 26th of April.


Top 10 game companies in Korea

Which Korean game company reaches the highest sale in 2011? We arranged top 10 company based on the report for 2011 and the electric disclosure from Financial Supervisory.

–  Red: Sales declined comparing to 2010

–  NHN, CJ E&M sales are only from game category

#1 Korean online game company based on Sales is Nexon. Nexon’s sales record up 26% from 2010. The sales record of other ‘N’ companies such as Neowiz Games, NHN, NCsoft were remained at the half of Nexon’s. However, Neowiz Games, NHN, NCsoft have prepared the strong line-up for the year 2012 – Raiderz for Neowiz Games, Winning Eleven Online for NHN, Blade&Soul / Guild War 2 fro NCsoft.

What influence to each company’s sales record the most? A company who has games that were successful in China ranked on high mostly. The behind of Nexon’s sales record, there is Dungeon&Fighter, which is ranked #2 in China with 2.6 million CCU. The sales record from Dungeon&Fighter in China is about 537,300,000,000 Korean Won.

The behind of Neowiz Games, there is Cross Fire, which is #1 in China with 3.5 million CCU. The sales record from Cross Fire in China is about 995,400,000,000 Korean Won. Smilegate, the developer of Cross Fire, is the only developer in top 10.

Gamevil and Com2us ranked in #12 and #15 as mobile game publisher. The year 2012 could be the first year that a mobile game publisher is ranked within top10.