Hangame designates Eun-Sang Lee as a new CEO

Eun-Sang Lee, a former CEO of Eyedentity Games, is installed as CEO of NHN Hangame. He will be responsible for all of its online game, especially PC game such as online and web board games,  business and will be expected to go to the office before May,

NHN also has been reorganized a structure. P HQ take care Web board games and online games, while S HQ take care smartphone games including Orangecrew. S HQ will publish more than 40 smartphone game within this year.

P HQ is consist of RPG-FPS Game division, Sports game division, Casual game division while S HQ has Smartphone game division, Internal Smartphone game division and Orangecrew.

P HQ will launch a soccer game ‘Winning Eleven Online’ and a FPS game ‘Metro Conflict’. During the first half, MORPG ‘Kritika’ will have test phases as well.

Eun-Sang Lee was responsible for overseas business division at Webzen. In 2007, he established Eyedentity Games independently and left Webzen. Their first game ‘Dragonest’ was successful in Korea, China and Taiwan.

The game has reached monthly revenue $8.7 million in China. Shanda Games, the Chinese publisher for the game, take over the company 100%. He left the company in May, 2011.

He was connected with NHN when NHN Japan published ‘Dragonest’ in Japan. NHN was a rival of Shanda Games when both tried to take over Eyedentity Games in 2010.

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