Archeage CBT5 is available for Korea & China

It is expected that not only Korean, but also Chinese gamers will have chance to join the next generation MMORPG Archeage CBT5. Tencent announced they are going to provide Chinese version of client software for CBT5 at the press conference in Beijing.. Tencent is the major online game publisher in China who is responsible for Archeage publishing in China.

Jake Song said “I think it is important to have Chinese users’ opinions. We will add Chinese style shoes, maps and events for CBT5.” He emphasized that the main ideology of Archeage is ‘Change’. The original novel for Archeage called “Firs and a hawk” will be published in Chinese as well.

Archeage’s 4th CBT was closed on the 11th of March. XL Games introduced the original continent and siege warfare system for the first time and added various PvE, PvP contents.

However, XL Games did not announce when CBT5 will be.

You can watch the latest Archeage teaser and additional images here

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