Tencent becomes the worldwide publisher for SURA Online

Tencent, the top online game publisher in China, acquires the worldwide distribution right for SURA Online. Tencent announces it at the press conference in Beijing, China. SURA Online, developed by NSE Entertainment in Korea, is Asian style fantasy action RPG that has very fast attack and defense system like we have seen at martial arts movies.

Players could choose the one of three races and have 6 different classes. 1:1 PvP in SURA Online resembles 1vs1 fighting games like Tekken from Namco. The combat emphasizes psychological aspects as well as using various combo attacks. 2:2, 3:3 PvP are different from 1:1. Players should cooperate with teammates to win.

Steven Ma, Vice President of Tencent Games, said “Best resources of China and Korea have been combined through SURA Online and become stuck together. The contract has important strategic meanings for Tencent to advance into the world online game market. We enter into the global market including Europe, North America etc with SURA Online.”

We expect Tencent Korea would publish SURA Online in Korea as well.

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